Norton Account Management

Norton my Account – Manage your Norton account efficiently

In Today’s world, cyber threats have become a predominant one. It became a necessity to protect your device from the incoming threats with a reliable antivirus like Norton. Norton antivirus protects you from loosing data from corrupted files and save your device from the hackers. With the help of Norton antivirus you can have an effective security to your business.No matter you bought the Norton product, services or subscription online or you purchased it from retail shop, you need Norton My Account to manage your subscription, Product and license.

This account is necessary for an effective maintenance of your Norton product. You Norton account gives you an own authority to manage your Norton subscription. You can experience an independent Norton product management by having your own account. Create your own Norton account using

What is Norton my Account?

Your Norton account gets created at the moment when you purchase any of the Norton products, services or subscription online. If you have bought the Norton product from retailer, then you have to create your Norton account at the time of product installation and activation in your device. Also the trial versions of Norton insist you to create your Norton account. Norton my account will allow you to access the product keys, download the latest version of the product you purchased and manage your Norton subscriptions.

How to create Norton my account?

It is so simple for any kind of user to create a Norton account. You can visit my Account and create your own account. Click on the “Sign in” option in the home page and start your account creation. By clicking the “Create an account” option, you can enter the mandatory information to create your account. After you enter all the necessary information, you have to set a strong password for your account and also confirm your password. Go through the privacy policies and click on “I Agree” option. Finally click on the “Create account” option to create your account.

Norton my account sign in

To download any of the Norton products it is necessary for you to login to your Norton my account. Go to and click on sign on option. You can also sign in to Norton security using page. It will redirect you to the welcome page. Enter your valid credentials (Email id and Password) and click on the sign in button to successfully login to your Norton account. Once you are done, you can explore the Norton products and services. Also you can download the latest version of products with the help of product key.

How to change Norton my account information?

You can also change your personal information in your Norton account. To change any of the information you have to login to your respective Norton account and select the option “Personal Information”. In the opened page, you can update any of your personal information and you can also change your account password. Once you are done with the changes click on the “Save changes” button and your information will be updated successfully.

How to Reset Norton my account password?

In case you have forgotten your Norton account password, it is possible for you to reset the password. You have to go to the Norton account login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. It will ask for your email address, enter your valid email address. Norton will send you an email to the provided email address with password reset instructions. You have to click on the “Reset Password” link in the email. Now you can enter your new password and re-confirm your password. After a successful reset, you can access your Norton account without any further interruption.

Update Payment Details in Norton my account

It is possible for you to update your payment detail such as credit or Debit card information in your Norton account. At first, you have to login to your respective Norton account. Click on the “billing Information” option and update your required card details and other information. Complete “I’m not a robot” captcha request and click on the save button. When you click on the save button, your details will get updated successfully. Also you will get an email to your registered email address notifying about the changes.

Update Credit Card Information in Norton my account

Now it is also easy to update your credit card information by using your Norton my account. You have to login to your respective Norton account and select “Billing Information” option to update your card information. Enter the mandatory information such as card name, card number, expiry date etc. in the prompted page. Click on the save changes button to update the card information. By following this procedure, you can successfully update your credit card details.